Entro il prossimo 8 luglio 2019 è possibile candidarsi online per partecipare al workshop della European Women’s Lobby sulle strategie di coinvolgimento delle giovani donne, che si terrà a Bruxelles dall’8 all’11 novembre 2019 e rappresenterà anche un momento importante per ridefinire il quadro di azioni della EWL .

La call è riservata alle donne di età inferiore ai 30 anni, qui di seguito il testo integrale.


Call for applications to attend a workshop on EWL’s young women’s engagement strategy

Dear EWL Members,

We are writing to share with you the call for applications to attend a workshop on EWL’s young women’s engagement strategy taking place from 8 to 11 November in Brussels, and we invite you to share the call for applications with your own members and networks.

As you may know, there have been several discussions with EWL members about our collective engagement with young women, including during the EWL Board Meeting in Vilnius in early 2019, where the Board agreed that we needed to dedicate some time to think together about how we want to engage with and involve young feminists at all levels of EWL. So with our members we agreed that in 2019, instead of organising our annual young feminists summer school (the AGORA), we will be hosting a four-day workshop to reflect on EWL’s young women’s engagement strategy. The workshop is particularly timely now, as we are reviewing EWL’s current Strategic Framework, and we will soon start planning for our next strategy.

The objectives of the November workshop will be to review EWL’s engagement with young women so far and put forward suggestions for the ways in which the EWL can collectively and strategically work with and for young women, now and in the future. During four days, we will set up a space for intergenerational dialogue and collective strategising. The goal will be to produce recommendations from the workshop’s participants to the EWL Board for EWL’s future strategic engagement with young women, that can feed into EWL’s new strategic framework and other levels of engagement.

We are now looking for candidates to apply for the workshop, which aims to bring together women of different ages, backgrounds and experiences, a majority of whom are directly linked to EWL members. The workshop will take place in Brussels from 8 to 11 November 2019. EWL will arrange and pay for travel and accommodation for all participants for the four-day period. Anyone interested in taking part in the workshop, whether they are a current EWL Board member, an AGORA alumna or a woman under 30 supported by an EWL member, should read the call for application and complete the online application form hereby 8 July by midnight.

Here are the key links and info:

We look forward to receiving your applications!

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions and thank you for spreading the word.

With thanks and best wishes,

The EWL Secretariat